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Why do I need CCTV?

Whether you own a home or a business, security is critical. Nobody wants to lock up for the day or head up to bed fearing that their premises might be targeted by unwanted intruders, but the reality is that burglary is a risk. With CCTV systems, you can protect your home and business and enjoy peace of mind in the process. Covering Scunthorpe and the rest of Lincolnshire, Hull, Doncaster, Eyewatch Security has got you covered. 


Why do I need CCTV?

If your home or business premises have never been of interest to unwanted visitors, you might be wondering why you would need CCTV.

CCTV offers an array of benefits for company directors, organisations and homeowners. These include:


  • Providing a visible deterrent: one of the most important benefits of having CCTV installed is its ability to act as an effective deterrent. If a thief spots CCTV cameras or a mast, the chances of them changing their minds are high. Even the mere sight of a camera can prevent a break-in, as cameras capture footage, which can help police forces to track down offenders and bring them to justice.


  • Round-the-clock monitoring: with CCTV cameras, you can keep an eye on your home or your business 24-hours-a-day. Your cameras will operate long after you’ve gone home for the day, or you’ve locked the front door and hit the hay. As well as providing surveillance for the exterior of a building or a perimeter to protect against burglars, CCTV can also be used by business owners to monitor specific interior zones, for example, rooms that contain precious, high-value goods or a safe, and to monitor people passing through entry points. 


  • Capturing footage: if you’ve been the victim of repeated intrusions or attempted robberies, or your premises have been broken into, CCTV footage can help to put the pieces together and work out exactly what happened. Camera images eliminate the need for guesswork, aiding investigations and increasing the chances of finding the perpetrators and reducing the risk of further incidents. CCTV is often used as evidence in cases brought to court, as well as during proceedings to reach settlements outside of court. 


  • Peace of mind: whether you run a company, or you’ve invested a lot of money in a property, it’s vital that you have peace of mind that your assets are protected. CCTV can dramatically reduce the risk of break-ins and antisocial behaviour, in addition to providing concrete evidence if an incident does occur. If you have CCTV, you can enjoy peace of mind that you’ve got an effective deterrent in place. 


CCTV offers a raft of benefits for business and homeowners. If you’re worried about intruders, your premises have been targeted before, or you’re keen to step up security as a preventative measure, it’s a good idea to consider adding CCTV to your arsenal. CCTV cameras come in a range of different guises, and we can provide tailored recommendations to help you find a device or a system that is suitable for residential or commercial premises.

If you’re looking for CCTV in Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Hull or the surrounding area, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. 


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