If you are thinking about implementing an efficient alarm system for your property, you know that protecting your home or business from crime and fire is paramount. Here at Eyewatch, we strive to provide only the best systems on the market, adapted and customised to your personal and property needs. That is why the security systems and alarms we offer are SSAIB certified. 

What is SSAIB?

SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) is the well-regarded certification body in the sector of security systems and alarms. The SSAIB only grants its prestigious certificate to companies that are able to demonstrate their competence in the industry, as well as the technical perfection of the systems and services provided. 

In order to gain this certification, a company will be required to welcome inspections by an SSAIB technician who will check the procedures and practices under which the business operates.

Additionally, over the years, the board has built solid relationships with governmental bodies and associations, such as the Police, insurers, and Fire services. This means that any client opting to choose an SSAIB-certified device for their property security system can benefit from immediate response and prompt interventions in the case of intruders or crime.

Ultimately, such a certification guarantees that our customers only receive the best, highest-quality products on the market, installed by expert technicians. Aside from being a guarantor of quality, the SSAIB badge that Eyewatch holds complies with the policies of most insurers and Police bodies in the United Kingdom. You can provide your insurer with the proof that you acted to the best of your abilities to protect your property.

The benefits 

Any Eyewatch client can enjoy the many benefits of investing in a security system that is certified by SSAIB. Some of these include:


  • Increased confidence in the services you have purchased
  • Peace of mind when leaving your house or commercial property
  • The guarantee that you are complying with the insurer’s policies
  • You are guaranteed to enjoy the best services on the market
  • Access to the best maintenance services
  • Help and support provided by expert technicians who will follow all the policies necessary to ensure that your property is fully protected from crime and fires
  • Excellent customer care and attention to detail.
  • Personalised services that reflect the needs of your property

What to expect from us

As an SSAIB-certified company, Eyewatch is proud to offer the best security and alarm services in Lincolnshire and North of England. Eyewatch provides a range of services that cover all of your property’s security needs, and we do so by making sure that the alarm detection devices we install will reflect your preferences and needs.

Among the other certifications that set us apart from the competition, the SSAIB badge allows us to guarantee all of our customers only the best devices and support available. Ultimately, choosing an SSAIB-accredited alarm enables you to enjoy unparalleled peace of mind when it comes down to the security of your property.

Security is a serious business, so when you’re hiring a third-party company to take care of things for you, you’ll want to be sure that you’re getting the very best. Not only do you need to know that you can trust them, but you should also check that they are fully up to the job, in order to keep your business totally safe and secure. Luckily, there’s an easy way that you can check for that- find out whether or not they have been officially accredited.

If a security contractor has been accredited by a professional body, then it’s a clear sign that they are a trustworthy, capable security provider. As well as checking that they are the real deal, this accreditation means that the company has to abide by a strict set of rules. Only the most capable of security companies qualify for SIA accreditation, so this really should be the first thing you look for when choosing a security contractor.

The SIA – or the Security Industry Authority, to give it its full name – is an independent organisation that reports directly to the Home Secretary. As the official regulator of the security industry, they are in charge of licensing every single private security firm- so they certainly know their stuff. As well as issuing standard licenses, though, they also have a voluntary scheme known as the Approved Contractor Scheme, or ACS, which sets apart the cream of the crop in the private security industry. It’s certainly a rigorous test since contractors need to be assessed against some 89 criteria of achievement. That means ACS approval shows that the company in question has a real track record of success – so you’ll know that their pitch isn’t just all talk and no action.

There are so many benefits to using an approved contractor, since only the cream of the crop reach this stage. With that accreditation under their belt, you can be sure that they only employ the most capable staff, and fully vet them before taking them on. What’s more, they also need to show a real dedication to high-level customer service, so approved contractors are guaranteed to go the extra mile to provide your business with the security service that you need. The SIA requires that their approved contractors offer customized services to suit each client’s needs, so it’s the smart choice for those looking for a tailored security service. Lastly, they are capable of working with the police and local community where necessary, to ensure that your business is always secure and under complete control.

So, how do you tell which contractors are SIA-approved? Well, that accreditation allows them to display the SIA logo on their website, as well as on their marketing materials. In addition, you can check the SIA database yourself. If you’d like to know more about what that accreditation means in practice, though, then the best thing to do is to simply ask the contractor – they will be able to tell you how their service can be of use to your business. It’s always worth asking private security contractors about what they have to offer- that way, you can be sure you’re teaming up with the perfect partner.